Bad words: “Leverage”

December 13, 2014 at 5:58 PMMichele Mottini

Used extensively in programming as a verb, it comes up 47 times in my current e-mail:

given that most of the services that leverage this today already have SomeService dependency

I suggest implementing a way to short circuit this loop and leverage it by overriding Cancel() in the derived sensor class

I imagine fairly soon in the future we'll want to leverage this for the SomethingApp as well

It means simply ‘use’ – that is even shorter. ‘Leverage’ implies (at least) some kind of multiplication, that does not means much when speaking about software modules or functions.  

…but of course it sounds better to use ‘leverage’: we just don’t randomly ‘use’ things here, we actually ‘leverage’ them.

See also Microspeak.

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