Billiard simulation – introduction

April 23, 2013 at 6:57 PMMichele Mottini

I failed with the Udacity course (see previous episode), but I still want to improve my JavaScript / HTML5 / canvas skills. 

I am a software developer by trade, but a physicist by training: physics was my passion before computers sort-of-displaced it. I always had an itch to get back into it.

Hence the idea of writing physics simulation code running in a browser, and billiard seems a reasonably simple but interesting case.

The plan is to write a series of posts here describing the development of the simulation, writing about both the physics and the software parts. It will be a work-in-progress kind of thing: I don’t have a finished program that can be described from A to Z; I am going to describe the various pieces as I implement (and possibly ditch) them.

The ambition is to start with classical mechanics and then ‘graduate’ to relativity and/or quantum mechanics. It would be interesting to have a relativistic simulation and be able to play with \(c\) and see how the classical behavior changes into the relativistic one.

The simulation will run entirely in the browser, without a server part. The code will be in TypeScript, compiled into JavaScript for deployment.

Why TypeScript instead than plain JavaScript? I always used strongly typed languages (C#, C++, Pascal, C), and JavaScript seems a bit too loose to me, especially for bigger projects. TypeScript seems a very good solution: offers strong typing, classes and modules, but it is very similar to JavaScript and can use native JavaScript libraries.

The snippets of code I am going to place here will most likely run unchanged – or with very minor changes - as pure JavaScript, so whoever is interested in the simulation and physics part won’t have to learn TypeScript just to follow the implementation.

The simulation I developed so far can be seen here, the source code is on GitHub here. Everything is still very very rough – hopefully it will improve.

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