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April 10, 2013 at 6:05 PMMichele Mottini

The previous post was about TypeScript, and I am probably going to write more about it.

The default code highlighter that comes with BlogEngine.Net - based on Alex Gorbatchev's Syntax Highlighter - does not support TypeScript, so I had a go at adding it.

It turns out to be very easy: you need to add a 'brush' JavaScript code file defining the highlighting rules for the language. Given that TypeScript is very similar to JavaScript I just took the JavaScript one and adapted it.

To make BlogEngine.Net pages recognize the new language I added the reference to the new brush in scripts\syntaxhighlighter\shInit.js. Finally I added the new language name in the 'Insert code' form of the HTML editor. That's it.

If anyone is interested here are the files: 

TypeScriptHighlighter.zip (3.19 kb)

Simply un-zip in the BlogEngine.Net root directory preserving the paths - the files will go to the right place.

I issued a pull request in Syntax Highlighter GitHub repository - but there are quite a number piled up, so I don't know if it is going to be integrated.


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