Windows Live Writer crashing

April 13, 2013 at 11:23 AMMichele Mottini

I installed Windows Live Writer to have something better to write blog posts, but it was systematically crashing on startup.

The crash was an ‘APP CRASH’ in nvdxgiwrap.dll called by wlstartup.exe.

After some failed attempt I managed to solve the problem disabling the NVIDIA display card (start Device Manager, right-click on NVIDIA under ‘Display adapters’ and select ‘Disable’).

Once I did this Live Writer started up fine, completing the installation process. Afterwards I was able to re-enable the NVIDIA card and Live Writer kept working. Apparently the problem was just in the startup that runs when Live Writer is started the first time.

My setup is a Dell Latitude E6420 laptop running Windows 7 Professional 64 bits with Service Pack 1 and an NVIDIA NVS 4200M video card with the latest drivers – version

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Highlighting TypeScript code

April 10, 2013 at 6:05 PMMichele Mottini

The previous post was about TypeScript, and I am probably going to write more about it.

The default code highlighter that comes with BlogEngine.Net - based on Alex Gorbatchev's Syntax Highlighter - does not support TypeScript, so I had a go at adding it.

It turns out to be very easy: you need to add a 'brush' JavaScript code file defining the highlighting rules for the language. Given that TypeScript is very similar to JavaScript I just took the JavaScript one and adapted it.

To make BlogEngine.Net pages recognize the new language I added the reference to the new brush in scripts\syntaxhighlighter\shInit.js. Finally I added the new language name in the 'Insert code' form of the HTML editor. That's it.

If anyone is interested here are the files: (3.19 kb)

Simply un-zip in the BlogEngine.Net root directory preserving the paths - the files will go to the right place.

I issued a pull request in Syntax Highlighter GitHub repository - but there are quite a number piled up, so I don't know if it is going to be integrated.


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Setting up the blog

April 6, 2013 at 12:09 PMMichele Mottini

Besides writing the blog I'd like to play a bit with the platform itself, so I wanted blogging software I can work with and not just a shrink-wrapped hosted solution.

I am a .NET/C#/Windows developer, so I looked for .NET-based stuff.

At first I tried FunnelWeb: it is a modern .NET MVC application, geared for programmers (uses Markdown for the posts for example).  It is quite basic in terms of features, requires a SQL database and the community / support does not seem very active, so I dropped it.

I switched to BlogEngine.Net: it is not MVC, but it is a more mature and full-featured product, with a bigger and more active community. As a further plus (for me) it does not require a SQL database.

BlogEngine.NET is the brainchild of Mads Kristensen, the author of the - essential - Web Essentials Visual Studio add-in.

Selected the software, I needed a hosting service. Some initial searches led me to this gallery of hosting services supporting .NET; after some further not-very-scientific searches there I settled to SmarterAsp.NET. The amount of choice is quite overwhelming: I was not expecting so many different hosting services.

So far I am happy with SmarterAsp: they offer a 60 day trial, the setup was easy and the dashboard used  to manage your sites is pretty nice. It might be a tad slow, I am not sure yet.

SmarterAsp offers a number of pre-configured application that can be installed automatically - including BlogEngine.NET, but for some reason their installation script configures it to use a SQL database instead than the file system. That seems overkill for my needs, so I ended up doing a manual installation, that in any case is very easy.

Last step: select a domain name. seemed too long, I frequently use 'mimo' as my handle, but is already taken, so I went for I bough it directly via SmarterAsp, and I was good to go almost immediately.


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April 3, 2013 at 6:52 PMMichele Mottini

Welcome to my brand new blog!

I have been an avid reader of various blogs - technical and otherwise - for several years now, I thought to have a stab at writing something myself.

The idea is to write prevalently about programming and technology, possibly with a bit of physics, book reviews and 'opinion pieces'.

We'll see how it goes.

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